Cherokee Electronic Dictionary Project

The Cherokee Nation Education Corporation (CNEC) is a non-profit corporation, chartered by the Cherokee Nation (CN) and recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 corporation. Its mission is to provide educational opportunities for tribal citizens and to revitalize the language, culture and history of Cherokee people.

Critical to the continuing revitalization of the Cherokee language is the need for the development of a “Cherokee Dictionary” of all Cherokee stems, affixes, words and phrases in an easy-to-access electronic computer database.

The most important reason for creating an electronic database instead of the typical print dictionary is an electronic version can more readily serve different types of users. An electronic database also allows users who are not accustomed to seeing the stem form of word to also access the more common words, users with different ways of writing Cherokee can be served, it will be easily searchable for developing lesson plans, will have many different examples of words such as synonyms, anonyms, and most importantly an electronic database can be easily maintained and updated. Further the electronic database allows for the use of the Cherokee syllabary, different spellings of words, represent all (audio) dialects including the Eastern Band, and will be linguistically accurate which serve linguists and anyone interested in learning the Cherokee language.

Linguistic Team:

Dr. Brad Montgomery-Anderson, NSU Assistant Professor

Dr. Akira Yamamoto, KU Professor emeritus

Anna Sixkiller, head of the Cherokee Nation Translation Department

Development Team:

K.A. Gilliland, Cherokee Nation Foundation

Greg Trihus, SIL International

Beth Bryson, SIL International

Andrew Sikora, Cherokee Media Ltd.

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