How to use


  • · The English entry is currently empty but will contain the English dictionary headword
  • · The Cherokee translation contains the English translation of the equivalent Cherokee concept.
  • · The Stem contains the transliteration of the part of the Cherokee word that forms the stem. It will need to have prefixes to become a complete word form. It is followed by the part of speech if it exists in the dictionary.
  • · The Syllabary column contains examples in syllabary Cherokee script of the usage
  • · The Phonetics column contains a phonetic transcription of the syllabary form.
  • · The English column contains a free translation of the Cherokee example.


  • · The search field can be used to search for any English or Cherokee word anywhere in the dictionary.
  • · The category drop down lists the part of speech and the semantic categories defined in the dictionary.


  • · The Home page will display 10 entries from the dictionary.
  • · The About page describes the overall publication.
  • · The Cherokee Pronoun Forms page explains the pronominal system of Cherokee

Font & Keyboard

  • · To display the site, the you will need to Digohweli font installed on their computer.
  • · If the you want to type in the Cherokee Syllabary into the search box, they will need a keyboard.

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